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This is what I paint.
104 Angels in OakhamThe images I create are not a true photographic facsimile but my interpretation of the landscape. I try and capture the essence, ambiance and the spirit of the place and people I choose to paint. For my industrial paintings I take inspiration from my northern roots and my childhood days spent in Yorkshire, and also from the picturesque market towns of Rutland.
123 Port IsaacOne topic I paint is the fishing villages and coastal towns around the UK, especially Devon, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Wales. My love for the sea comes from the 20 years I lived on Anglesey and the memories have prompted several paintings. Also the images of the places I have visited on my travels have prompted several paintings.
Miners queueing at the Pithead
The industrial scenes of the north I paint, i.e. mill towns, collieries, mines, woollen and cotton mills, market towns in the dales, are I consider part of our heritage. In today's technological modern world of Mobile Phones, Internet, DVD's, Bluetooth, Jet travel, etc, etc, those scenes from a past age are becoming a lost and forgotten memory to today's generation. I hope that I am reminding and rekindling memories (with all due respect) of the dirt and grime, the filthy cramped and sometimes horrific living and working conditions that the people had to endure not that long ago. But I hope that I also express the humour that the conditions and life styles nurtured, cultivated and which manifested itself in so many different ways.
A bloke ses ter me "can tha feight".  Ah ses "feight".  'E ses "aye".  Ah ses "who".  'E ses "thee".  Ah ses "me".  'E ses "aye".  Ah ses "nah".  'E ses "aw".

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