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90 Oakham French Market
The painting has arrived and is great! I wasn't expecting the painting to be framed! even better!

I have one question, a lot of your painting seem to have an elevated view, is this just your interpretation what you see at ground level or do you use photos or some other way?
Greg from Milton Keynes
118 Robin Hoods Bay N. Yorks

Your painting arrived today and now has pride of place in our dining room.  We hung it in a room that is used every day, being Irish we enjoy our long dinners.  So your painting will be seen and admired every day.

Thank you so much.  It is a beautiful painting and I’m sure that we will have many longs years of pleasure from it.

Michael Mulrine  N. Ireland

118 Robin Hoods Bay N. YorksI got my birthday present today, Robin Hoods Bay, one of my favourites. I'm absolutely thrilled with it, it was a surprise! I've got it in pride of place and it makes me smile with pleasure when I look at it. I'm so glad the intensity and vibancy of the colours reflect the website representation. From the 4 wains (family) two "Cools", an "amazing",and one "does it really look like that?" Thank you, it will be well loved. All the best,
Patricia Mulrine  N. Ireland
104 Angels in Oakham
Firstly...LOVE your work...have lived ,worked and travelled the world and have FINALLY settled by buying a house in Uppingham...saw your prints in a cafe in Oakham..and love to buy local to where I am in the world which means something to me
Heather Uppingham
103 Impression of Staithes Yorkshire G
Nooo then, I am yorkshire las meself!
Your paintings are fantastic. I especially like your coastal paintings.
Kristy  Oakham
94 A spot of Lunch Woodbridge
I have been looking at your web site and I love your paintings which has made a decision on which ones to buy very difficult.  I suspect I will be back again very soon!
Thanks for the reply.  No problem, I’m happy to wait until you are ready to send.  If you need them for longer at the exhibition I can wait.  As long as they aren’t sold to anyone else!
I found your site recommended in a magazine called House & Home Ideas, May issue.  Not my usual read, but now I’m glad I picked it up!  I’m not really surprised you are getting so many hits.
Vanessa  Scotland
118 Robin Hoods Bay N. Yorks
Hello Stuart, the composition in this one is very, very successful. The way you use geometrical shapes and curviness is fascinating. Very rich visual experience for me. So playful too! Would not have thought medium is watercolor. At first glance though it was oil or acrylic. Nice work!       Frieda
118 Robin Hoods Bay N. YorksBrings back many memories and is brilliantly conceived and executed. I've had fish'n'chips there                  Gordon Christie Scotland
Miners queueing at the PitheadFantastic art, so predomiately typical mining communtiy, stacked houses, stunning detail, love your style!     Cathy Sharpe
Hang out washing, manI have arrived safe and sound in OZ, and your fantastic painting brings me so many memories of times spent in the Caribbean. The colours and composition so reflect the laid back life style. Good on ye cobber   Andy Brentwood Perth Australia
126 Buttercross with Beans OakhamThanks Stuart for a warm welcome and this picture will bring back so many memories of the time I spent in the Rutland, and of the many pints I have sunk in "The Merry Monk" (top of painting)    Dan, South Island, New Zealand

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