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Personal (but not too personal) stuff.

42 Impression of Staithes N.Yorks.Born in Yorkshire I have spent my adult life in Cheshire, Anglesey, and Rutland, developing my career in two areas, sales and marketing but also and mainly in the Hotel and Restaurant business. Divorced with two grown up and flown the nest children Sarah and Matthew, I have lived with my special lady Linda in Rutland for the last 18 years. Self taught with ever changing styles, I believe that watercolour is arguably the least forgiving medium to paint in, but despite that it suits and probably enhances my style. Which has been described as sometimes loose and impressionistic, sometimes whimsical and witty in a simple naive almost childlike perspective, but always full of strong, warm and vibrant colours. "When it comes to detail, I don't have the patience which in many ways is a benefit as it is the fiddling at the end which can destroy a painting (this happens on occasions, thanks to Linda for telling me when to stop)".


Market Day at Masham N.Yorks. PrintThe other distinctive feature of my paintings is the use of colour. I use much stronger and warmer tones than many other artists and employ a mixture of washes and direct application. I particularly enjoy using the warm and vibrant colours found especially in the Mediterranean areas i.e. rich earth tones, reds and golds, terracotta's of the buildings and landscapes, and the deep and alluring azure blues of the sea.



98 Buttercross OakhamI have sold my paintings from exhibitions at Rutland County Museum, Victoria Hall Oakham, Rural Training Centre Owston, WVAS Annual Exhibitions Stamford Arts Centre, and various locations and galleries in Rutland, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Essex and Wales. Also since launching my web site I have sold all over the world, including USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Holland, and all over the UK. If you wish to look at my paintings and maybe perhaps buy one please look in my SHOP.



Hear all, see all, say nowt.  Eat all, drink all, pay nowt,  And thy ever dus owt for nowt,  All'us do it for thee-sen.



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